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Hello all,

We were wondering if it would be possible to receive a notification whenever a client sends a new chat message in an accepted chat.
Right now when our analysts have the chat open and use a second browser tab to do some other work (in Hornbill or otherwise) they get no notification whatsoever of the customer having sent a chat message. It would be terrific if the analyst would get a browser notification, a sound cue, and/or a little (1) in their tab title to signal that a new message has been received. This new notification count would clear whenever the tab is back in focus and thus being looked at by the analyst. 

The same thing goes for the customer, although this is not as important to us.

I look forward to hearing your thought on this!



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Hi @TrevorKillick,

Thank you for pointing that out! Please consider my post as a more exhaustive 'wishlist' of the bullet point in that list. The way Hornbill is currently able to send browser notifications in Chrome would be terrific for new chat messages as not everyone has speakers connected to their PC, has them enabled, and has them enabled at such a volume for a sound cue to be audible.

Best regards,


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I know this thread is a few years old, but stumbled across it when looking for something else.  

I have raised on another thread, about having an audible, or visible tab notification for an update to a chat, once one is in progress.  

Has this been progressed further since @Alex8000 raised it above? @TrevorKillick

Many thanks 

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