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Prevent Known Issues being logged

Steve Giller

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I'm sure this is pretty straightforward and apologies if it's already been answered;

How do I prevent Known Issues being logged until such time as we have Captures and Processes designed for them?
I'm getting analysts logging them using the Raise New ... dropdown and it's causing headaches as we then get incidents that think they're known issues, and customers aren't getting updated because there's no process attached to email them.

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Hi @DeadMeatGF

This can be resolved by removing the rights for the analysts to raise Known issues, by doing this, they will not see an option to select Raise a Known Error, or see the Known Error option on the Analysts Request Type Progressive Capture Form.   

If the users have say the Problem Management role, this includes the createKnownErrors application right which is perhaps why they can see this option.  

The above is a system role, which also includes the problem management rights as well, so you may want to create a temp role with only the appropriate system, database, application rights etc which could be a carbon copy of the above minus the known errors rights and assign these to the analysts for the time being?

Hope that helps 


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