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Bulletins - Notifications and Tab on portal under service

Martyn Houghton

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Building on Samuel requirement we would like to make further and more extensive use of the Bulletins to engage with our customers (external though would equally apply to internal contacts) to get them to log into the customer portal for information and updates, not just to log/update requests.

To this end it would be useful for customers to be able to enable notifications per service, so that when a new bulletin is added (or edited) those customer who are subscribers of the service and have enabled notifications for he service are sent a email with summary information and link back to the full bullentin in the portal.

It would also be useful to have to have the ability to add a more detailed description to the bulletin as well as the text displayed as part of the image banner, which is then visible on a Bulletin tab within the service. The tab could list all the current published bullentins for that service and allow them to sort/filter them, then clicking on the ones they want to read in more detail which would then display the more detailed description.

Also similarly to 'All My Requests', there would also be 'All My Bulletins' options as well to display the bullentins tab, listing them for all subscribed services with the added ability to sort/filter by service(s).

Our aim is to get the customers to use the portal as a resource and somewhere they regularly log into, not just when they have a problem.




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Hi Martyn,

Thanks for your post.  I agree that having an aim to have the portals as a general resource is a great way to move forward.  The Service and Customer portals are generic entry points where users will be able to access many more features in the future.  At the moment the portals only have two apps available to them, the My Services app and the Chat app.  Over time this will extend out to include other apps.

The adding of notifications for bulletins, a general area for all bulletins, and being able to have additional text against the bulletin are all good ideas and I will raise change proposals for these to be considered in a future release.



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I would also be interested in the type of information that you would like to included as extra details and how much you would be expecting to add?  The original idea of the bulletins was to create simple but visual notifications to the users of a service.  Having a better understanding of the type of information that you would like to provide can help us determine if there are other up-coming features that could help.

For now, you are able to add links to text within a Bulletin by using the format [[http://yoururl.com|your text]] which will open in a new tab.  

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@Martyn Houghton apologies for the delayed reply. We have some changes in our backlog for this area, here is the list:

  • Condition Indicators (RAG status) of requests
  • As a user of the Portal I would like to download a list of my requests
  • As a Self Service User I want to see the Service Level information for my Services
  • Start and Expiry Date on the Bulletins
  • Provide more information for a Bulletin

@James Ainsworth and/or @Steven Boardman would be able to give you more details on their progress...

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Hi @James Ainsworth

Start and Expiry are useful (always forgetting to remove the bulletin).

I'm having trouble getting the image bit to work - I either get the default image or a grey background showing. Any ideas - this was working before. I used have to delete the old image rather than just saving over it, but this isn't working now.



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