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Analyst Notification Email - Call updated by customer - Not using custom email template


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I am not sure how long this has been going on for, but at one point we had a custom email template that would email the Analyst when the customer has updated the call via the Self Service Portal.

Since I've been involved with other work, I haven't had a lot of time with Hornbill though getting back into it... I have noticed that the email we receive when an Customer updates a call is the default Hornbill one.

I went into our Test Hornbill Service and I definitely do have the custom email template set in the "Email Template" field in the Request Config. I have changed it to 2 different email templates and it's still using the default Hornbill one whichever I choose

Is there an issue with this functionality?

Thanks and Merry Christmas!,


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Hi @samwoo

I will see if I can do some tests to confirm how this should be working.  There are some areas that use templates, but in some cases the notifications don't use templates.  I believe that it has always been the case that customer update notifications sent to an analyst don't use these templates.  Possibly something to do with the customers not having the same kind of access to shared mailboxes.  I will see what I can find out.



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From what I remember, in SM 2.32 we (re)enabled the analyst email notifications functionality for updates on portal. However the downside is that these notifications use a hard coded template for the time being. The reason being as @James Ainsworth said is around context rights to mailboxes. Our platform developers are working to implement a new API that allows direct messaging to use templates. However this is at the moment, work in progress.

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