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Feedback Timeout

Dan Munns

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Good morning all, 

I have been looking at the feedback feature some more and have found that even though feedback has passed the timeout cut off it still shows in a users 'awaiting feedback' list.

Once a user clicks the request it doesn't present them with the option to leave feedback as it has expired. Is there a way to auto remove these expired feedback requests?

Some of our users log a large amount of requests each month and I don't want expired ones to stay in the list and put people off using the feedback tool as it seems that we are forcing them to leave feedback for every call or else they will have a huge list of expired feedback.


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Feedback does auto expire and requests definitely should not show up in that list, we specifically mark them as expired to ensure this, however maybe that last step is going wrong for some reason. Couple of questions that will give us a bit more to go on when looking at this:

  1. What is your expiry time?
  2. Does this happen to all requests or does it seem like just a few?
  3. Have you run any scripts to tear data down lately?


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Hi @cchana,

All the feedback is set to expire within 5 days.

It is looking like a lot of the requests are left in the awaiting feedback but not all.

I have cleared down the old set of test requests (incidents and service requests only) a couple of weeks ago using the Hornbill cleaner app. I also reset the numbers for all requests so they started back at 00000001 and we are currently on 00000106

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Thanks, we'll carry on looking into it and monitor the logs. Resetting the request IDs should not make any difference here but good to know and will keep an eye on that too.

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