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Prathmesh Patel

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Hi @Prathmesh Patel

You can use custom fields against your users records to record this type of information - 

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 09.26.02.png

Once you have this you can do a few things with it.

1. On the Progressive Capture 'Customer Search' form you can decide to include this field so your analysts are aware that this user is a VIP when they are logging tickets. Here you can add additional display fields - and in my example the Attribute 1 field.

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 09.28.39.png

This results in this in the following for the analyst in progressive capture

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 09.30.38.png

2. In the Business Process you might have an optional checkpoint defined which indicates if the customer of the request is a VIP.  This can be evaluated when the request is logged using the Automated Task Node > Entity > Get Information > Get Customer Information followed by a Decision Node, and a custom expression to see if the custom1 field holds the text VIP and if so mark the optional checkpoint which will be marked and visible to analysts on the heads up display of the process at the top of the ticket form 

** Note if you have this checkpoint in your process and you have chosen to allow customers to see the head's up display via the service portal, they too will see the VIP flag - so you may not want to take this approach, or choose to hide the checkpoints from being displayed on the portals - this can be configured per service in the Services form.

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 09.37.00.png

3. New Service Level Agreements

You may want to consider using the new SLA functionality and definable Service Level Targets. 


If you are using the default 

With this approach you could ignore option 2 and define a VIP Service Level Target, and then using the Rules Builder in the SLA's you can set a rule to check if the customer is any one of your defined VIP's, and if so the VIP Service Level Target would automatically be invoked (it does not need to have any different response or resolution targets to a normal request, but the display name would indicate that it was a VIP customer and ticket.

In my example below i have a SLA called 'Internal Support' and a Service Level Target called 'VIP' in the Information section of the ticket.

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 09.44.47.png

Just some ideas but hopefully this gives you some ideas to think about


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Hi @Prathmesh Patel

Sorry, that was a bit of an omission on by part.

In the user app, if you go to the co-workers profile view, and if you have the appropriate rights to use the form designer, you can add the additional fields to the profiles - about tab

If you select + Design and use the + to add a new field, this will by default be called Attribute 1 - you can rename this, to say Status and choose what type of control field it is, text, drop down etc.   Once you hit apply, you will be able to via the cog on the field, make choices like adding field input validation, make it mandatory, and also decide if the field should show on the profile view even if blank.

Once you have added the field, ensure to hit 'Apply Changes' for this to be saved. 

Once saved, if you view the field via the admin tool, profile, or in Progressive Capture you will see the display name you have given the field. 

You can also via the form designer, drag and drop fields between the different sections - so if you want this in another areas other than 'Basic Details' simply drag it into the appropriate section.

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 13.56.49.png

Hope that helps





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