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Slideshow stops running when Google Chrome refreshes page


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I'm hoping someone else has already found a solution to our problem with Service Manager slideshows as we want to display them on a large TV screen that automatically rotates though different monitoring systems.

When running a slideshow on a big screen as a monitoring tool, when the webpage periodically refreshes, the slideshow stops playing.  The screen is then returned to the Service Manager slideshow config screen (Home Service Manager > Advanced Analytics > Slideshows > IS Defects).  How can we stop this from happening.  

We are using a dedicated user logon and not a shared one.

We have already set the account to be auto logged in on each page refresh if we had not done this the account timed out (is this the problem?)

If anyone can help us with this then we would be extremely grateful.




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Perhaps if I tell you what we're trying to accomplish.

We've a number of large TV screens with thin clients that we'd like to display a dashboard/slideshow on. Can you suggest the best method of doing this?

We've created a full user called monitor and assigned the dashboard viewer role but we'd much prefer this to be a basic user.


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Hi Gill,

Basic users cannot be allocated rights to run dashboards so you have taken the correct approach, you can limit the full users rights to just the rights needed to run the dashboard which will close any potential security concerns. 

Also, if you are using more than one screen and logging in as the same user, please ensure that you have the following system option enabled: communications.multiLoginUser=allowed


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Hi Gill,

So we could add an autoplay feature, for example if the slideshow is marked as ready for use it would auto run when you load the url. The problem is we cannot programmatically force the browser to enter fullscreen mode (F11 - toolbars and browser url hidden) without user interaction. 

It would be useful to know how exactly you transition between your slideshow urls. if for example your browser is already in fullscreen mode and you are just changing the url then it may be fine with just an auto play. However if you close and open new browser instances then it won't be in fullscreen so if it autoplays you will still have your browser url bar, tabs etc visible....does that make sense?


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