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Feedback Issues

Dan Munns

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Hi all,

I will apologise now as my analysts are on a testing phase and are throwing up issues all over the place so this may be the start of many posts.

Is there a way of displaying feedback scores per analyst complete with the actual comments left? In our current system the feedback is a form hosted on one of our servers which then emails line managers with the feedback score and comments for the analyst. These are used in the 1-2-1 reviews every month and go towards mid year and annual appraisals so they are quite important to the analysts as well as the service desk metrics book.

Also is there an option / way of ignoring the "feedback not given" scores as it would seem that a request with no feedback is counted as a zero and is still counted towards the overall rating (see attached image of my feedback scores - I am better than it would appear I promise!) 

Again as user feedback is used in monthly and yearly reports on the analysts it is important to make sure that they are getting represented fairly by the system.




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Hi Dan,

 thanks for your post.

For your regular one-to-ones, you can obtain some stats on feedback through reporting in Hornbill Administration. Specifically, the 5-star-rating given to a request  is stored in h_itsm_requests.h_rating. If no 5 star rating has been provided this column will be null.

There is potential to create metrics for each analyst based on this column and you can ensure the null values are excluded through the filter (where clause) you specify.

I have asked if someone can confirm what you're seeing in the Progressive capture summary panel as it does seem to be potentially including the null values from h_rating in the display.

Hope that helps,


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