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Managing Team Access to calls using Services

Melissa Gurney

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I am hoping you may be able to help. We have a team who we would like to lock down so that they can only see calls raised to their two relevant services. They should not be able to see any calls that have been raised under any other service. Anyone should be able to see their calls and anyone should be able to raise calls under their two services.

Could you tell me what the best way of doing this would be? I have tried a few different ways but can't seem to get it quite right.

I hope this makes sense. Your help on this matter would be appreciated.

Many thanks,


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Hi @Melissa Gurney

Our default position is that all teams, can see all services and all requests logged against them so you will need to lock down the supporting teams on services to enforce visibility and assignment options. 

Possible Approach

1. If you want all teams to see the two services then simply leave these services as 'This Service is Supported by all teams' - this will allow all teams to log requests against these services, see requests in the request list and be able to assign requests against these services to any other team.

2. To ensure that This specific team does not see requests raised against your other services, you will need to add supporting teams against all your other services (obviously not adding this team)

3. There is a Service Manager Setting - servicemanager.progressiveCapture.servicedetails.enableSupportVisibility -

The default setting for this is 'Off'

When the setting is 'On' the Services displayed on the Progressive Capture Service's form will be filtered to both those which the customer is subscribed too, and also to those Services which the analyst's logging the requests team's Support.

You can find this setting in the admin tool, under service manager and settings.  With this option on, the members of this team would only see the two services they support on the Service Form in Progressive Capture when logging requests for customers.

I hope this helps


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Hi @Melissa Gurney

You should not have to refresh to see updates on the request details forms, for example if a customer adds an update from the portal into the timeline, you should see this immediately. Equally if you complete tasks or other actions which should change status, service level timers, or mark checkpoints on the heads up display these should also be instant. 

The same is true for updates in your newsfeed, workspaces etc.

If this is not the case i note you have a premier support, so can i suggest you log an incident for this so the team can take a look for you?

In regards to the request list view, this does not auto-refresh, but it is refreshed each time you do anything on the list, change view, open a request, switch to the personal dashboard etc etc. There is also a reload option to refresh the data manually as well if needed. 



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