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Tags not linked to documents?


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Hi, I was testing something with the doc manager app the other day. Following my tests, I decided to do some cleaning and I noticed that tags associated to documents are not removed from the "Tags" section when the document is removed... Is this the intended behaviour? Because at the moment it is quite confusing.

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Although you can add tags directly from the document page, because those tags can be linked to other documents they will not be automatically removed when you remove the document.  Once a tag is created it will be available for selection on other documents so that you can associate multiple documents to a tag.
Because of this we have a separate page for managing tags where you can manually add and remove tags, if you have the MyLibrary Manager view you will be able to access it from the tags section by clicking on the Tag Management icon.

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 10.04.21.png

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I appreciate that tags are shared between documents, but when no documents exists in the system with a specific tag, why is it not removed? And moreover, why does it still show in the tag cloud when in fact there is nothing in any libraries for this tag?

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