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Adding Multiple Customers to a call


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When I visited the Hornbill Roadshow last year it was confirm that multiple customers can be added to a call.

I have seen that we can add multiple assets and this is beneficial, it would be helpful to know how we add multiple customers to a call as when we add a multiple customer the first customer entered is replaced by the secondary.


Thanks for your co-operation.

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Hi Shamaila,

Thanks for your post.  There is an option called Connections for each request.  The customer section should remain as the main contact for request, but you can add Connections for other customers that are interested or impacted by the issue.  

Here is a video that explains Connections.  Let us know if this is what you are looking for.





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@James Ainsworththanks for your prompt response. We have used the 'connections' feature already, but this was used when we had a known issue. So guessing this would be the best way forward.

The connections option would need us to send an email to the impacted or interested part so was in the hope that if multiple customers were selected at the logging of call process that all customers would be able to view the timeline via the self service portal.


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@Ralf Peters

Just an update on this, there is a business process action for automatically emailing connections of a request.  This is under the Request Connection Entity options not the Request Entity on the Automated Task BPM node.  In the example below you can see you can choose the connection type etc. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 09.13.43.png

Hope that helps


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