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Self Service Portal - Site disappearing


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    •     When our customers are logging calls via the self service portal, the customer is asked to select the name of the site - this is a mandatory field. 
      The site is selected by the customer and they then click on the link to add.   We have found that the site doesn't stick (if that makes sense).
      Service Desk receive the request & select edit to add the category.
      It's at this time the site has to be re-selected.  If we do not re-select the site the jobs do not appear in the 'view' against that site.
      We have also noticed that the last action on the edit details has to be the site.
      If we need to go back into 'edit details ' i.e. make changes to the original job then we would need to re-select the site otherwise this disappears again.

      Service Desk are having to do this with every portal call received, there may have been calls logged via the portal where we may have forgotten to re-select the site hence the site not being available in the view.  I'm not sure if the workaround for now is not to click on the 'edit', so do not amend any details as per the original call logged and not have a category assigned (maybe not a good option in the long run).
      Has anyone else experienced this is and if so, can anyone assist in resolving this issue please?
      Thanks for your continued support.
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Hi @shamaila.yousaf,

Thank you for your post. Please accept my apologies for the delay in our response. As @Ryanhas pointed out, updating Category of a request may link to your concern here.

To help me investigate this further, I would like to get a better understanding of the issue here.

You mentioned that this is happening through the Portal. Is this through the Service Portal (i.e. https://service.hornbill.com/####) or through the Customer Portal (i.e. https://customer.hornbill.com/####) ? This would then clarify if this relates to a Co-Worker (i.e. a Colleague within your company) or a Contact (i.e. usually the end-users or external users).

You also mentioned that the Site that is selected does not stick. Do you mean that clicking on the "Link" button does not respond? Does clicking the button update the label to "Linked"? It would be great if you could please provide a screen-shot of this stage.




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We aren't using the Customer Portal, it's calls logged through the Service Portal that have this issue.
The site is being linked, the call is logged with a site correctly assigned but no category.
When we use the Edit button within the Details section of the existing call to add a category, on clicking Save the site field becomes empty.


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