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Cancelled Activities


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As part of our process flow we have an authorisation node which generates activities for a number of users. Each user is setup for 100% approval so that when one approver approves their activity all others are cancelled in the request. 

The issue I have is that although in terms of the request this works fine, those approvers who did not approve the activity still appear to have open activities in their activity list. 

Can someone advise why these are not clearing from the users activity list.






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Hi @Keith

Looking at the issue a bit more, the problem looks like is a refresh issue (correct me if I'm wrong). If you press F5 the Activity should not be displayed anymore in the list.

If this is the case, this is a different issue and is something we are going to be also improving. I will have to speak to the platform team to give you an estimate on the timescalse.

I'll get back to you.



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