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SLA & working time calendars


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Hi All,

Can someone clarify the difference between days and hours when using SLA's in conjunction with working time calendars.

Does a day equal 24 hrs or the number of hours that the team is scheduled to work on that given day.

In other words... if a team works an 8 hr day and the SLA is 1 day, does this SLA equate to 1 work day or 3 work days.


Thanks in advance




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Hi Keith, 

1 Day = 24 Hours in Hornbill terms.

So in theory, if your working day is 8 hours (as per your calendar) and you set "1 Day" as your target, the analysts will have 3 working days to resolve the request. 

I often find it easier to consider ALL of your targets in hours - so for example if you currently had target if "5 working days" that would be 40 Hours - or in Hornbill Terms, 1 Day 16 Hours

Kind Regards


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