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Updating more than one call at the same time


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Hi There,

I wonder if someone can kindly assist.  

In the old version of Supportworks, it allowed the analyst to update or place numerous calls on hold at the same time.  Is this a feature which can be available please?  

If we have a number of calls to update at the same time then this feature will prove useful. 

Thanks for your assistance and time as always.



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thanks @James Ainsworth for the useful information above and for confirming that you will be looking to provide more options for multiple requests.  

The above post is a handy one to know, when we have had a known issue we have been logging 1 incident and adding all those impacted and interested as a connection - in hindsight this is not really the best way forward as not sure if this will allow anyone to check how much of an impact the known issue caused.

Thanks for forwarding as this feature will now be used our end and so having the automated BP will help us moving forward.


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