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Question RE grouping questions

Melissa Gurney

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Hi I have a quick question:

In progressive capture is there a way of grouping forms such as "Asset Number" or " Select Site" where a default form is used? This is in order to reduce the number of steps the analyst/customer has to click through to raise a call. I was thinking of a custom form but then you don't get the search function you would using the default ones.

I was hoping you may be able to offer some guidance.



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Hi Melissa,

The provided default Progressive capture forms can't be grouped into a single form.  There is a lot of logic behind these forms for features such as the searches but also one form can influence a form that follows it by filtering down information based on something that was previously selected.  There are also outputs to these forms which can then be used for branching within Progressive capture. Once you have two pieces of information on one form the branching would become much more complicated.

I personally feel that raising a request should be a quick process. One thing that you may want to consider is removing any questions that you are currently asking as part of progressive capture that can be populated after the request has been raised.  So, possibly limiting the questions in progressive capture to capturing information required from the customer during the initial conversation, and having questions that are required to drive decisions in the initial stage of the BPM workflow.

Most of the forms also have fairly good keyboard navigation so instead of all the mouse clicks you may find that once familiar with the keyboard it can flow a bit faster than always stopping to use the mouse.



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Thanks @James Ainsworth 

This was from feedback from our analysts during testing. We have a couple of custom forms in there, but the PC is mainly made up of required default forms.

It would be interesting to go through it with them again, encouraging keyboard use rather than mouse clicks to see if that speeds things up a bit.

Thanks again for the explanation.




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