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Emails not being marked as read

Melissa Gurney

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Hi @Melissa Gurney,

The new Email Client has a different behaviour and by default it will not mark it as read when it is opened. This is because now is much easier to open an email and also when you open the list of emails it loads the first on the list.

To mark it as read you now have to press on the "read" button (eye icon).

We are going to introduce an option in the next few releases that will allow you to have the same old behaviour.

Hope this makes sense.

Thank you,


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Hi @Melissa Gurney

I just wanted to mention that part of the reason behind the decision to require the pressing of the ''read'' button to mark an email as read was that unlike a personal mailbox where only one person may be browsing the emails, a shared mailbox may have dozens of people looking at it which has a much greater potential for emails to be marked as read accidentally.

It does look like some additional options will be added in the future to allow you to select the behavior that best works for you.




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