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How to request further information from customer?

Guest Clive Jones

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Guest Clive Jones

I'm very new to this.

What is the accepted/standard way to request further information, relating to an incident/request, from a customer?

Via email sent from within Hornbill Service Manager?  If so, how is this done?


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Guest NadeemMazhar

Hi Clive,

Many thanks for your post. One way to request further information  is to send an email from the request  itself. If you want at any time to send an email to the customer of the request, perhaps to send an ad hoc update or request further information, you can click on the email icon in the request ticket (see below/attached) and this will open an editor to enter your message in the body.

Please see the following WIKI article on how to administer this in your instance:


If you want to create a template to request further information from a customer from within a request, you can create snippets, which provide the ability to pre define common responses. Please see below the WIKI article to set this up


As you mentioned that you are new to Hornbill, we offer Training for Life - which is a series of Webinars designed to help new administrators of Hornbill to become familiar with the tool. The emails and snippets feature is covered on Friday afternoon under the 'Hornbill Collaboration Features and Advanced Service Manager' webinar which you are welcome to attend. Please ensure that you sign up via the below WIKI page:


Kind regards



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