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Missing form in procap

Dan Munns

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Hi all,

I have an issue where the progressive capture is missing a form out even though it should include it.

It is set out like this:

Hardware / Software Purchase > Check box select

If software selected use form 1

If hardware selected use form 2

If both selected use form 1 then form 2


The first two scenarios work fine but if I select both options it misses out the software form and goes straight to hardware > finish

The decisions are set: If Q3 contains "hardware" > form 1 > end, If Q3 contains "software" > form 2 > end, If Q3 contains "hardware" & "software" > form 1 > form 2 > end

I have tried contains and == to no avail. I have tried swapping the order of the forms in the pro cap also to no avail. Hopefully someone can help!

I have attached the pcf




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Hi @Dan Munns,

After some investigation I fixed your flow. Here are steps I did:


1) "Hardware of Software" field need to be mandatory - as I understand there is no option without any selection.
2) It should be default branch and will be picked when no others are matching, so I changed it to NO MATCH
3) Is correct,
4) As "contain Hardware" will match in any case where Hardware was picked up, so I change it to "== Hardware" as we strictly need to mach in only that case.

I attached fixed flow for you, so when you import it just check if all fields where you are using SimpleList are OK.

Also if you don't mind have a look please at flow that I suggest as a more optimised solution here.


Hope I answered all your questions.


suggested flow.pcf.txt

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