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Amend Details On Customer Portal


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HI @derekgreen

Could you provide us with a screenshot of the issue you are seeing - are you looking to configure the Service Portal (internal supported users) or the Customer Portal (external contact's)?

I have taken a look logged in as an admin on my instance and this seems to be working as expected. 

The Save Changes box will be greyed out, until you start to edit the text in a field or change any other value on the page, at which point the Save Changes button will become active and allow you to save changes. 

In my example i am editing the Contact Title, so the Save Changes option is active

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 20.10.30.png

If the issue is persisting, could you also confirm which browser you are using?



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Just so i have this correct - the email field text is greyed out?  i can't quite see on the image?  you can't type into the email field to change it?  i would expect the Save Changes to be greyed out but not the text in the fields?

Also i notice from your screen shot that it looks like you have the Service Portal and the Live app open in other tabs - are you logged in as the same user in those interfaces as well,  or are you in as different users? i am just trying to rule out if it is anything to do with some confusion as to which user session is active in the admin tool if you are also logged into the other two instances perhaps as a different user with different rights?

Let me know and i'll see if i can get to the bottom of this for you.


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@derekgreen when you open the "Customise Customer Portal" interface you will notice you will have one (or more) red boxes reporting an error (like: "URL Must be HTTPS not HTTP"). As long as the error message is displayed, the Save Changes button will not enable.

Now, the error messages appears because some of the values in this interface are "brought" from application settings and the values on application settings do not match the restriction in the UI. For example "Home page Image" in customisation UI requires to have "https" for the image URL. However in the application setting (guest.anonymous.portal.core.style.image.home) you don't have this restriction. Not sure if this is a defect or how is intended to work, maybe a question for dev team :)

Now, to overcome this and to be able to amend what you need, I suggest to temporarily amend or delete the conflicting values (not before making a note of them) then make the necessary changes. Once everything is in place, go to application settings and put the values back as they were originally.

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