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Hiding unanswered questions

Dan Munns

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Is it possible to hide the unanswered questions in a progressive capture form in the service manager view?

Some of our forms have a lot of questions and sometimes it seems the ones that were answered get lost in a sea of 'not answered' text.




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Hi @Dan Munns

Thanks for the question.  It is not currently possible to hide unanswered questions from the questions section, but we are looking into the option to provide you with a system setting or equivalent to decide if you want the existing behaviour or if the unanswered questions should be hidden.   Once we have progress on this i will post back here.  



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Hi Dan,

I just wanted to let you know that a feature was provided in a recent update to allow you to hide unanswered questions in both the Service Manager view and the portals.  This is provided through a number of settings.  These settings will be set to off by default and you can enable each one as you require.  These setting can be set within the Administration portal under Service Manager->Settings

App Settings for user app
App Settings for portals




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