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Managing Asset Updates

Bridget Sharman

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Hope you can help, I have been trying to update Used By, Location and Site for some of our assets held in Hornbill and it won't let me update 3 fields at the same time.  I can click on Edit, Change one field and Save, then click edit, Change a different field and save etc. but it won't accept multiple changes all at the same time.  You use to be able to do this as my colleague has made changes to assets in the past allowing multiple field updates at the same time, but this no longer seems to work.


Any advise gratefully received.

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Hi Steven

We have also found this morning when trying to create New Assets that it will only accept one piece of information then save, then you have to go through the edit, change, save cycle again for each piece of information you want to update!

I use IE 11 as my browser, but tried it in Chrome as well and got the same issue, I have just rechecked updating assets and the issue is still happening.

We are on the latest version of Service Manager - ALL updates have been applied - Build 2650

Server Release 2016-11-10(build 2658) Administration Release 2016-11-17 (build 501)


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Hi @Bridget Sharman

We have found an issue with the saving of the assets,  if the length of the usedby or ownedby exceed 64 characters, this has been fixed and will be available in our next update.   

Could you confirm that if you update  the values in the Location and Site fields together, or in fact any combination of fields  (not the usedby or ownedby) that you are able to save? so that we can be sure that the fix will address your issue when it is available?



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Hi Steve

The combination of fields for update now seems to be working again.  When creating new assets you seem to have to create the asset with just name and then edit to complete the rest of the information, so would appreciate this being looked at, it doesn't seem to be possible to create an asset and add all the information as required.



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