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ability to improve the user experience of the self service portals

Guest Adrian Hodgson

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Guest Adrian Hodgson

We have reviewed the user experience for the user portals with out user experience designer. The portals as laid out on screen are not well designed for the user experience and there is limited options available to customise them at the moment. I have had a brief discussion of this with Bob Dickinson and he has asked me to post this on the forum. Examples are the need for the user to make multiple clicks before they can log a request. and also the need to scroll down to locate the services available.  The poor "user design" will put users off from using self service and they are more likely to revert to making support requests by email  

  1. Reduce the height of the text area in the self-service portal Login to view / update and log a support request” so that the search and service icon is moved up above the page fold… referring to the #home-banner <header> tag. This can be reduced from 300px to 80px tall.

  2. Move the FAQs and the Requests to the front page so that the front page contains 3 icons/links the service icon, My Requests (when present) and the FAQs icon.

  3. Change the link of the “service” icon to be the “Get Help” on the next page. This will reduce the number of clicks to “Get Help”

  4. Change the icon in the Categories tree view to be “+” and “-“ using a corresponding icon instead of the chevron-right and chevron-down.

  5. Increase the spacing or padding between treeview category texts

  6. Reduce the font size of these categories slightly

  7. Remove the chevron-right icon from the nodes that cannot be expanded.

  8. Add some descriptive user text to the “Upload Document” UI pattern describing that the user doesn’t have to upload a document if not required: Example - I logged a request that my login was not working … what document are you expecting me to upload now? This is daunting to a user as they might think they’ve got the process wrong even when they haven’t. Granted, users will learn to ignore the upload request when necessary but why make that learning curve extra steep for newcomers.

  9. The ability to set content and body fonts


These usability changes could benefit everyone






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Hi @Adrian Hodgson

Thanks for your post.  We are always looking for ways to improve the portals.  We have a number of planned changes to provide our customers more options to configure how the portal presents itself to their users and customers.  When these changes are ready for development we can take these into consideration.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that points 4 through 8 are referring to Progressive Capture, and mostly to do with the Category Tree.  Progressive Capture and the Category tree is something that is experienced by both user and agent.  I will revisit the category tree component to see if we have some options for changing how it looks and behaves or possibly providing a new tree component.

Thanks for your feedback,



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Guest Adrian Hodgson

What is the progress with ideas about changing the look of Category trees.

Please update me on development discussions about more control over the look and feel of the self service portals

Adrian Hodgson

ORC International


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