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Telecoms Asset Template


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Good morning, I am in the process of uploading my companys assets into application, can you let me know if it is possible to add fields into the templates we download, I have uploaded my telecoms, and noticed it does not give the option to add the following;

Serial Number


These are rather fundamental to track asset, apologies if this is already mentioned but could not find another thread.


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Hi @Awalker

Thanks for the post.  The template you downloaded contains all of the fields that are currently available to upload to for the telecoms asset type so it is not currently possible to add any further fields as you mention.  Would you be able give some examples of the types of telecoms assets you are trying to upload that require the serial number and model to be stored and we can then look to get this considered for a future change request?

Kind Regards,


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Hi @David Hall


I am uploading all telephones, and fax machines (Yes we still have a few of these).


I have the column for manufacturer, but it does not have the two mentioned in the initial post which seems odd as these are key things you would use to track an asset.

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Hi @Awalker

I just wanted to let you know that we have completed some work to include some additional attributes for the asset types, including the serial number and model under telecoms as you required.  Below is a list of the latest asset attributes.  These will be available in a Service Manager update over the next week or two.  Keep an eye open for this in the release notes.




COMPUTER SYSTEM/Network information

  • wMAC Address

COMPUTER SYSTEM/Physical Location Information

  • Rack (for Servers in a Rack)
  • U Position (for Servers in a Rack)
  • U Height (for Servers in a Rack)

TELECOMS/General Asset Information

  • Phone Number
  • Extension
  • Serial Number
  • Model


  • wMAC Address

PRINTER/Printer Information

  • wMAC Address


  • Ink/Toner Code - Black
  • Quantity in Stock - Black
  • Level - Black (the level of the toner currently in the printer)
  • Ink/Toner Code - Cyan
  • Quantity in Stock - Cyan
  • Level - Cyan
  • Ink/Toner Code - Magenta
  • Quantity in Stock - Magenta
  • Level - Magenta
  • Ink/Toner Code - Yellow
  • Quantity in Stock - Yellow
  • Level - Yellow
  • Image Fuser
  • Image Transfer Roller
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