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Hi @James Ainsworth,

Thanks for the reply. Is there another option to see if an email has been added to a request and to which request it was added.

If this is not possible at the moment I would like to address this as an feature request. 

The way we operate, it is possible that an account manager forwards an emails to our service desk (which is a shared mailbox). This email is then added to a request. The account manager sends a reminder after a few days with the same email. The account manager then gets a reply that his/her previous email was not received before. This can create a bit of tension, which is not necessary and can be avoided by a simple lookup option. This happens a lot with customers that have a lot of requests opened / on hold / closed.



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Another possibility would be to use rights to control mailbox access, I believe its possible to configure mailbox rights such that you can move a message to the Deleted Items (a soft delete) but you are not allowed to delete the message from the mailbox.   Would that work?


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