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View attachments on Porta that were added on an Email


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As a follow up to https://forums.hornbill.com/topic/9120-attachments-not-appearing-at-all/#comment-41948 could we have a similar feature where when we send an email to a customer and this has an attachment, the attachment is also viewable via the Portal.

The situation we had was a customer used the 'My Organisations Request' to view a colleagues Request, who was on leave.  They could see the email but they were unable to see the attachment, which had a SQL script for the fix.  As they did not have access to their colleagues email, we had to send another email containing the SQL but viewing any attachment for your colleagues Requests will add a lot of value.

The Ability for Customers to View attachments on the Portal for their Organisatons Requests, that were sent via Email, IMO will be really helpful.

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Hi @sprasad

I was wondering if you had tried using the attachment action on the request?  It is possible to attach the file to the request first and then this will be available not just to the customer on the portal but also to other agents that may look at the request without either of them having to look through emails.  Once a file is attached you can select if the attachment is visible to customers on the portal or not.  Also these attached files can be included on any out going email from the Email Action by selecting the Show Associated Files.  Better yet you can just let the customer know by email that their attachment is available for download from the request on the portal without including it in the actual email which can be more favourable than filling up mailboxes and mail servers with attachments.    


Kind regards,



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