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BPM Error: Stage Checklist Validation Failed


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When finishing a certain task we get the below error.


What I found is that this error occurs when an automated task changes the status to resolved. The status is changed to resolved, so this part works.


I tried removing the last 2 automated tasks, this gave the same error.


Anybody got an idea why I get this error?



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Hi Mark,

 Martyn is on the right track. This particular error "Stage Checklist validation failed", means that the workflow reached the end of the stage and found that there were mandatory checkpoints within that stage that had not been marked.

Looking at the screenshot provided, there is a checkpoint (pink node) that can be bypassed in a particular scenario. I have highlighted this in the screen shot.

A stage checkpoint should only be set as mandatory if it cannot be bypassed within that stage. You can manage the stage checkpoints by clicking the button towards the top left of the design canvas (identified by the tool-tip "Manage Current Stage").


Checkpoint missed.png

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