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Call Details broken in IE


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Thanks for your posts and apologies for the issue that you are experiencing.  The issue has been identified and we hope to have the fix applied as soon as possible.

If you are in need of an immediate fix there is a workaround that can be applied.  The issue relates to the ability of each request type within each service to have its own custom details form.  The issue occurs when the request types within the service are not using their own custom details form and the standard default form is being used.  You can follow these steps to create a custom form.

  1. Identify the request type and the Service associated to the request where the issue is occurring
  2. Logged in as a user that has the Services Manager and the Form Designer roles, navigate to the Service identified in step 1
  3. Under the Request Configuration option select the request type where the issue is occurring
  4. Click on the View Details Form button
  5. Click on the Design button
  6. Click on the Apply Changes button.

For each request type on each service that these steps are done, this will put in place a custom form that is unique to that request type for that service.  Before applying the changes make sure that the form configuration that you are saving is correct for the request type and service in question.  This will have some added benefits where changes that are made to the default request details form are not consumed and its own configuration of available fields can now be managed. 





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