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Hi Guys

I understand the feature is now available so a user can view their own requests and then requests by their organisation.

How is this switched on?

Also not sure how it will work for my as my customers are internal and I currently got any departmental structure setup



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Hi Adam

This feature is available but only if you are supporting external organisations and their contact's it is not yet available for internal users and basic users. 

If you do have any external organisations you support, you can allow specific contact's to view the requests raised by their organisation on the customer portal, and you can configure this via the organisation record in the User App > Organisations > Requests panel > Portal Access  - here you can enable any contact who has portal access, to be attributed the rights to view requests raised by their organisation.

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 16.56.01.png

In regards to internal visibility and the Service Portal, we have the story in our incoming development queue to allow a manager to see their staff's requests via the Service Portal.  This story should be delivered fairly shortly and i will post back here once this is available. 

I hope this helps


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