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Maybe simple but ive feel like ive tried everything 

Here is my BPM <Capture1.JPG> <Capture2.JPG>



I have tried setting the priority in multiple locations <Capture3.jpg>


When raising a request the priority field displays prompting the user to select <Capture4.jpg>


I also have two stages "Assignment" and "Completion" but the stage shows three elements <Capture5.jpg> i can not work out how i reduce this to two?



Any help much appreciated 





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Hi Paul,

Looking at your process tracker it reads to me that all three check points have been reached in the first stage, but before progressing to the next stage the final Wait for Request Owner is holding it in the first stage before completing.  The green line has progressed to the end of the first stage to symbolize that all the checkpoints have been met.  The large circle that represents the start of the Completion stage is not green, indicating that this stage has not started.

Once the Completion stage starts, you will see the start of Completion stage turn green.  An additional End node is provided to show the progression from the start of the Completion stage to the End. The progression of the green bar toward the End node will be determined by the checkpoints and if they have been configured as mandatory or optional.  If the check points are mandatory you will see that when the first of your two checkpoints have been met, 50% of the line from Completion start to the End will turn green, When the second checkpoint is completed, the remaining 50% will turn green.  If your checkpoints are optional, you will see the green bar progress all the way to the End. In both cases the End node itself may not turn green as there maybe addition workflow nodes to be completed, similar to your Wait for Request Owner in the first stage.

Comparing your workflow to your process tracker, it all looks good and the two match.  I hope that helps.




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