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Service Manager 2.36 release is available

Guest Ehsan

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Please find below release notes for Service Manager 2.36.

CHANGE: Quick log templates are now hidden when using switch nodes
CHANGE: Customers can no longer assign requests through the Portals
CHANGE: The request details form needs to store labels and translations itself so that it really can be configured per service
FIX: Translations missing in some areas of the portals
FIX: Toggling favourites in the service details wasn't reflected when looking at the All Services
FIX: The tabs in the service details page would load in the wrong order causing the wrong one sometimes being selected
FIX: Group picker value does not get populated when raising request from portal
FIX: The customer portal could not load the questions required to gather feedback
FIX: "Pause" Service Level button missing on Request Details when status is "New"
FIX: The wrong configuration was being loaded for each request type, if you had customised the details for a service
FIX: When going back to the services form in progressive capture, the Catalogs for the selected service are not show
FIX: My Services home page menu icons not colour customisable
FIX: When creating or editing a quick log template, the list of services were not loaded
FIX: Reopen and close request options are now only displayed if you have the rights to perform these actions
FIX: When mapping a group to a custom field, the ID was displayed instead of the friendly name
FIX: The request list in mobile app failed to load
FIX: Display issue when printing multi-line fields for a request
FIX: Fixed issue when getting Catalog in Request Details
FIX: Unable to change SLAs within a request unless a service desk admin
FIX: The Co-worker search in progressive capture not returning basic users
Fix: Snippets were not grouped correctly
Fix: Assets associated to a large number of attachments could cause a performance issue, currently limiting the results to 10 with pagination to come in a future version
FIX: Added ellipsis to long Service names in advanced search options
FIX: No services were shown in the link request advanced search
FIX: Global search advanced options were showing duplicate Service names
FIX: When a customer closed a request that had no resolution text, the word 'undefined' would appear in the timeline
FIX: In the Customer Portal, you were unable to open an attachment that belongs to my Organisation's Request
FIX: Fixed issue when clicking on a Catalog on the search results, it would hang as timeout would not get data in time
FIX: Fixed View Service Link in Portals Service panel (Clicking wasn’t redirecting you to the Service details)
FIX: Clicking on active requests opens correct tab on Service Details
FIX: Attachment Section count and Activity Stream updated when adding attachments via Portals
FIX: Service Categories are now translatable in Portals Service Panel
FIX: Unable to raise a request from an existing request
FIX: Customer Portal Reference Column Truncating value
FIX: Unable to see the reopen requests button on the resolution tab
FIX: Error in "Assign to Owner" BPM operation
FIX: Error in BPM operation Update Request/Place On Hold
FIX: BPM - cannot assign to Most Available Analyst
FIX: Cursor moves to summary when typing in description field in progressive capture
FIX : BPM unable to assign requests to request creator

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