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user getting http 500 error on service portal!


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Hi Guys, hopefully someone can point us in the correct direction here,


we have a user (unfortunately our IT director) who is struggling to access the hornbill service portal. when he tries to connect it gives him a http500 error on page  https://service.hornbill.com/error.php 


it seems to pass through the single sign-on authentication we have.


he is a windows 10 user, but also gets the same fault via a citrix desktop. Hes also tried logging into a windows 7 machine (which I have previously logged into and tested ok) and is still receiving the exact same fault - leading us to believe theirs an issue with his hornbill account somewhere?


when I look at the users section, I can see that he is showing up as online (even though he isn't), could this be whats causing the problem? is there anyway to 'kick out' users from hornbill via the admin portal?





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Hi Gary,

In the Administration tool under System > Monitor > Sessions you are able to clear any connections that maybe current.  I wouldn't think that this will be the issue but you can give it a try.  Sometimes there are cookie conflicts but if this is happening from both is computer and his citrix session then this is unlikely to be the case either, but he can try clearing his cookies.  I don't believe that the operating system will have an impact but I'd be interested to know which browser he is using.  If using Chrome you can try an incognito window to connect to see if that makes a difference. 




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