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Asset Import Connection

Steve Giller

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I'm having trouble connecting to the SCCM database from the Asset Import tool.

  "SQLConf": {
      "Driver": "mssql",
      "Server": "SQL-01\\SCCM",
      "Database": "CM",
      "UserName": "SteveG",
      "Password": "*",
      "Port": 1433,
      "AssetID": "MachineName",
      "Encrypt": false,
      "Query": "..."

With that (names changed etc!) as my config the dry rung just returns the following log:

2016/11/03 15:17:43 [DEBUG] ---- XMLMC Database Asset Import Utility V1.2.1 ----
2016/11/03 15:17:43 [DEBUG] Flag - Config File conf_sccm_assetscomputer.json
2016/11/03 15:17:43 [DEBUG] Flag - Zone eur
2016/11/03 15:17:43 [DEBUG] Flag - Dry Run true
2016/11/03 15:17:43 [DEBUG] Loading Config File: C:\sw_tools\Assets/conf_sccm_assetscomputer.json

so I'm clearly doing something wrong, but with no errors or indication from the log I don't really know where to look. If I log into the server directly and run the query on that instance it returns exactly what I would expect, so it appears to be just the connection that is the issue.

Anyone else run into this and have a quick fix they can share?

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Hi @DeadMeatGF,

It appears that the tool isn't getting as far as to connect to the SCCM database, it looks like you may have an issue with connecting to your Hornbill instance from the machine that the tool is running on. Do you have a valid APIKey, and InstanceID (case sensitive) in your configuration JSON?

If you do, then this may be due to your proxy (should you have one) getting in the way of the traffic. Please see the HTTP Proxies section of the Asset Import wiki page for more information:


Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Kind regards,


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The connection and dry run have completed perfectly - but on the import (dryrun=false) I an getting the following error:

Unable to add asset: Failed to add index document: Operation[indexer::docAdd] Unknown index storage 'HornbillITSM'

I'm using the default mappings in the config file.

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HI @DeadMeatGF,

Glad to hear the first issue was just a problem with the API Key :) I'll put some extra logging in the next release of the utility to catch these errors a little more gracefully.

With regards to the index storage error, this was due to an issue with the install scripts when the application was installed on your instance. We've fixed this for you, so the import should now work as expected.

Let me know if you have any other issues!

Kind regards,


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