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Bridget Sharman

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As far as I am aware - if users uses Hornbill on other devices - it registers here. For example I loaded Hornbill on my mobile and logged in... but when checking the devices in Organizational data on my laptop - I can see my mobile phone information on here (which I could rename so it would make more sense to other users).

I believe it is used to register devices against an account so one doesn't have to log in each time they use it.

Hopefully someone from Hornbill will correct me if I'm wrong.



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Hi Bridget 

As Samuel correctly mentioned this information is about mobile phones registered though the Mobile Registration in our iOS and Android Applications. In the event the device is lost or stollen an Administration can remove said device from being associated to a user in the Administration tool thus removing the phones access to the Hornbill System.

Kind Regards

Trevor Killick 

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