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Adding Links in an email

Bridget Sharman

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26 minutes ago, Bridget Sharman said:

Is it possible to add links to an email when emailing directly from a call, I know this is possible using email templates but can't see an option within a call to send an email with a link in it?

Links in Emails directly from within a call can be embedded in double square brackets (opened and closed) [[ ]].

For example
[[www.google.com|Google's Search Engine]]

This method is Wiki-Markup and can be read up on the Hornbill Wiki:

Wiki-Markup can also be used in Timeline Updates / Buzz Feed / Tasks etc. It's really cool.

I am not sure how the link appears in the email (whether it shows up with the square brackets or it becomes an actual link) but there have been discussion about formatting emails sent from within a call. I'm not sure how far it's gotten though.

Hope this is something to get you started.



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