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Organisation \ Extra Field change


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In its current format, it is not very easy to read the information contained under the Organisation \ Extra Field as the column is so narrow (see screen shot for example)  As we store quite a lot of Customer details under the Organisation form, it will be useful to have a separate Tab with a wider column width so that the information is in some kind of readable format.

You could amend the current form so that the width is wider but it will be better to have a new Tab or Tabs, to store additional information.  If the Tabs are customisable by us, that will be even better but not too big of an issue if this last bit cant be done.  Having the additional tabs is the preferred choice. 

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Hi @sprasad,

Thanks for the comments.

Adding a new tab will be a big change because we will have to change the entire mechanism of saving data but we can add an option to drag a field to an area that can take the full with of the form when you use the form designer (see attached image)

How do you feel about that?




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