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email addresses being supressed for privacy reasons creating the need for extra clicks

Guest Adrian Hodgson

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Guest Adrian Hodgson


We have noticed recently that there has been a change to how emails are appearing for some reason to protect privacy. This is creating extra work for our support analysts at our busiest time of year.

Can you advise when this change was made and why, and if there is any option to remove this change or reconfigure it.

There are two elements to this - a box which says click here to show remote content. Quite often there is nothing there when you click so this is adding time to the processing of each email.

There is also an "email protected" now appearing instead of an email address - clicking on this to show the email address using IE11 as a browser just generates an error message in relation to Java.

I would like the option to reverse this change, or to reconfigure so it does not create extra work for each analyst 


ORC International




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Hi @Adrian Hodgson,

I'm sorry about the issues you are facing but I can tell you that regarding the "email protected" issue it is already sorted and you can read in the post.

 Please let us know if you can still see this issue.

Regarding the blocked remote content in the email, is something that we've added for quite some time and most email clients have the same functionality. The way it works is that it checks for any attempt to call an external URL and it blocks it. This is to prevent your data being sent to 3rd party customers or running malicious scripts.

The reason you see this message and sometimes when you press to dismiss it appears the same is because some emails will include a very small image (1px x 1px) and transparent, so you won't notice it.

We are looking to improve this by allowing you to add a list of trusted email addresses so it won't show it.

I hope this makes more sense now to you.

Kind regards,


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