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Email notification when incident raised in Service Portal


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We have just taken our first call on our new Hornbill Service desk, but we are looking for ways to improve the service both for analysts and customers. Is there a way of setting up an email notification to go to the team when an incident or request is raised via the portal? This would mean that we wouldn't need to dedicate one of our monitors exclusively to Hornbill or be constantly checking for new calls. I would imagine that this would need to be incorporated into the Business Processes.

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Hi Derek,

You should be able to do it within your BPM.

If you have a couple of nodes at the very beginning like this: Get request details > Decision: Self Service? Y = Email Team / N = Carry on as normal

I have attached a screen shot to explain a little better.

Hope it helps



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Hi @Alex8000 @derekgreen 

There is actually a system setting in Hornbill that allows you to turn on notifications to Analysts based on assignment - without configuring this in BPM. 

In the Hornbill Admin App if you navigate to Service Manager -> Application Settings, the first thing you want to set is the name of the mailbox from which the notifications will be sent. The system setting for this is called " guest.app.requests.notification.emailMailbox"



Once this has been set, the next two settings to consider are:

"guest.app.requests.notification.notificationType.assignment"  - The type of notification to send to the Owner of a request (providing there is one) to alert them a request has been assigned to them

"guest.app.requests.notification.notificationType.assignmentTeam"  - When a request does not have an Owner, the type of notification to send to all members of the team of which it is assigned

and within each of these you have 4 options:

None - Do not send a notification
hornbill-only - Only send a Hornbill notification
email-only - Only send an email notification
both - Send both a Hornbill and Email notification



Finally, if sending an email, you need to select the template that is sent out. The settings for these are:

guest.app.requests.notification.emailTemplate.analystAssignment The email template when sending a notification to an individual analyst when a request is assigned to them

guest.app.requests.notification.emailTemplate.groupAssignment  - The email template when sending a notification to a team that has been assigned a request rather than an owner




These are global settings so will trigger for ANY request in your system - regardless of the Service, BPM, Team etc. 

I hope this helps what you are looking to achieve! Let me know if you have any questions about this.





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Hi @bob_dickinson, @Dan Munns,

Thank you! Unfortunately we are looking for a way to send email notifications to specific teams from within the BPM. For example whenever a Priority 1 ticket has been raised we would like to automatically send an email to a certain subset of senior support people. Looks like we will have to take care of this through Exchange distribution groups etc.

It would be terrific if we would be able to have a 'Notification Internal' Task where one would be able to choose between Email/Notification and select either team, individual, department etc just as how this can be done on other Tasks.
Has this been considered?



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Hi @Alex8000

Yes to achieve that scenario, right now Distribution Groups are the way to approach this. 

A "Hornbill Notification" option within BPM sounds like a nice idea - I will feed this back to the relevant team internally. 

Kind Regards


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