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Cleardown for go live


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We are about to go live with our Hornbill instance so I have downloaded the zip file containing the relevant conf.json to perform a clear down of all of our test calls. I'm having issue with running the conf command, the configuration and error message are attached - I've taken out our username and password for obvious reasons! Hope someone can advise.




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Hi Derek

You need to specify that you want to clear the requests from your instance within the conf file, so the string in the conf file needs to read:

"CleanRequests": true,

At the moment yours reads:

"CleanRequests": false,

Give it a try and let us know if you are still having problems

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Hi Derek

This could be because a particular setting needs to be enabled. Can you check if the setting security.database.allowSqlQueryOperation in the advanced system settings is set to true, and if it is not then please change it to true (ON), and try the clear down script again.

  • SQL Query was unsuccessful - this occurs when the utility is prevented from running the query to obtain the list of requests to delete. This happens when the system setting security.database.allowSqlQueryOperation is set to false (OFF). To successfully run the utility, this setting must be set to true (ON). It can be found in Hornbill Administration > System > Settings > Advanced, and filter on "security".

Give this a try and it us know how you get on



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