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Melissa Gurney

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@steven boardman thanks for the info .

is there a delay from when you change the setting on the report to when they are being applied when you run the report .

i have changed the heading for the table fields i wanted to change , if i run a data preview it labels the headers correctly, but when i run the report it is still  uses the default field  headers on the report ?






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@Ralf Peters sorry your still having issues with this

I have just tested, and i have tried one or joined tables, i have applied aliases to tables and columns from one or more tables and it seems to work as expected to me.

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 17.03.31.png

In this example I have renames the first three columns from two tables and they are bringing across the aliases.   This will only apply for new reports, it won't be applied to historic ones.

I have saved, and then run the report and viewed it from the report history and the latest report and it all seems to be ok. 

If you are still having the issue could you upload the report definition file here, and i can run this on my instance to see if i get the same results?  You have a download option next to the save button on the reports?

Last things to check are which browser/s you are running, i am using Chrome and Firefox without issue.

Although it may not be needed have you tried clearing your cache (browsing data) just in case. 



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@Ralf Peters

How strange as i have taken the report.txt uploaded, and granted i have added aliases to the tables, and stripped out the table references in the columns and i see this as expected in the data preview and report output 

Obviously with no data, as the filters don't match my data set.

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 11.45.42.png

Perhaps if you could do the same - i.e add aliases to the table names, and then strip out the table references from the column aliases, just to see if this has an effect.  If not i will have to ask my colleague who added this feature to join our conversation?

Let me know if the above has a bearing




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