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FlowCode Exception


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@Kelvin I did see this on couple of occasions... What happened I think is that request was raised against a service an catalog item which no longer exist (the catalog item was deleted and maybe recreated). The scenario handling has been rewritten, meaning the error should not occur in the next release. 


I can also have a look and see if we can fix this request. What is the reference?

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@Kelvin so, I think the issue with this request is that when it was raised, "Incident" request type under "Printers" service had a catalog item: "Printer Installation". Most likely this catalog item was moved (deleted and then recreated) under "Service Request" request type.

I have fixed this request (IN00023466) by changing the catalog item associated to it to "Printer Issue", which is the only current catalog item for "Incidents" on "Printers" service. It might not represent the most accurate information (as it was not originally raised against this catalog item) but is the only was to restore access to this request, I'm afraid...

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