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BPM Progress Bar (Heads Up Display) Checkpoints


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Can you let me know if it will be possible to change the timeline to show red crosses and not just green ticks?


For example, when a change is raised by my company and it does not succeed, i have added a section into the timeline to show change failed, but it makrs this with a green tick, whereas id like it to show a red cross so it shows the difference between acceptance and failure.


I have attached an example



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Hi @Awalker

Thanks for your post.  At the moment the checkpoints are only displayed with green ticks.  The original implementation of the checkpoints was designed to just highlight key points within the process once they have been reached.  The checkpoints within a process use the grey option to show that something has not been reached and the green check to indicate that this part of the process has been reached.  There is also a concept of optional and mandatory checkpoints and these can be differentiated by text of a mandatory checkpoint is displayed in bold text.  

The popularity of the Heads-Up display has resulted in a lot of feedback on new ideas with how it can be used. I will pass this on to our development team to have a look.  

Kind regards,


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