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@m.vandun we identified the issue, seems this is caused by the service catalog item on this request which does not exist anymore... Did you remove "Project Planning" catalog item for service requests on "Swyx Hosted" service recently?

We working to enable additional checks in the code if the above assumption is correct.


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@m.vandun I fixed this request temporarily, so you should be able to access and progress it.

We are still looking to see why and how this happened... My investigation so far shows that the request record was pointing to a catalog id that simply does not exist.. so my theory that maybe the catalog item was deleted...  the catalog item on request record does not match the id from the catalog item you highlighted (the retired one)...

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To conclude this thread, this particular occurrence of the error that prevented the request from loading, was due to the catalog item against which the request had been raised being deleted.

Better error handling has been introduced to deal with the situation where catalog items have been deleted in the upcoming service manager release due early next week.


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