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Activities within Requests


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From within a request it's possible to create a new Activity either from the 'Activities' area on the right hand side or within a timeline entry (More Actions/New Activity).  The issue I have found with creating an activity from within the timeline is that it doesn't add it to the activities list on the right hand side which is what I'd expect it to.

This has come about because a colleague created an activity from the timeline entry just because it contained all the information when he created it from there - however there is no history on this now.

I'd appreciate your views on this.

Many thanks


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Hi Tina,

Thanks for your post.  The ability to raise an activity from a post was a great and useful addition to the posts within workspaces.  In providing this, it has also become available in the Timeline of a request.  Possibly this option should have been hidden from use within a timeline initially, however it is great to hear how these features are being used which helps drive more ideas into our products.  From the use case that you describe with wanting to use the information within the timeline, it makes sense that one would want to create activities from the Timeline and have them added to the request's activity list.  I will have a look to see how this could be implemented.  



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