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Sorting the mailbox

Guest gregmarcroftorc

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Guest gregmarcroftorc

Unlike the request list, the view that I set up when reading the mailbox changes each time I click on an email, deal with it, and then return back to the mailbox. This is frustrating feature but I have worked around this for months by clicking on the "Date Received" column, and then clicking on the "Status" column. It would then sort the emails by unread emails at the top and in Date Received order. This allows me to at least work through our unread emails in the correct order. In the past day it seems to have changed and now it will sort the emails by unread, but the order is all jumbled up.

Is there a fix for this, or it may be that I am doing something simple wrong but I doubt it as it seems to have only just occurred?


If you know of a better/easier way to sort the emails then that would be appreciated too as it is not ideal at the moment.




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We are working on a complete new view for emails and what you are experiencing will not happen. You will be able to see the email next to the list. If you change your sorting it will also remember it.
We will release it soon with and experimental flag so you can try it and after some time you will be able to see the final release.

So, soon you will have it.



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