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Transferring Requests


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Hi Guys

Are there any plans to enable the analyst to either change the service of a logged request or be able to re-assign to a different analyst in a segregated team/service?



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Hi Adam,

Thanks for your post.  There are no immediate plans to allow changing the service of a logged request or allowing a request to be re-assigned to a team that does not support the service.  The requests are closely tied into the configuration of a Service including BPM, Request Catalog Items, form design, available actions, feedback, service levels, and more.  There is a lot to consider when a request has been raised against an incorrect service.  Possibly the answer will come with providing improved options to raise a new linked request.  I would like to see some more flexibility in which information one can bring over from the original request.  I think that the only thing that you may run into is losing the original log date and service level targets.  Do you think that this would work in your scenario or are there other reasons that you think doing this may be problematic?

If this is the case of an incorrect service being selected I would also be interested in looking at ways to help support staff make the correct selection.   There is an option to hide services in progressive capture from the support person raising the request unless they are a member of a team that supports the service.  Do you think that this would help?


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We too have looked at this as we are finding that sometimes Customers are selecting the wrong service on the portal (this appears to be them choosing the easy option, rather than looking for the correct path).  This may mean that activities are misses as it should be part of a more complex business process.  The ability to change the service would prove very handy for those situations.



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Thanks for your post @Tina.Lapere.  We do have a change in our backlog to look at changing the service against a request.  For now, either raising a new request or raising a linked request is the best bet.  When providing an option on an existing request to change the service, it will have to go through removing SLA's, Progressive Capture Questions, team assignments, Business process, any tasks that have been created by the wrong business process, any associations, or updates to the request that has been made by the BPM.  When it comes down to the choice between the two, it may be that raising a new request is the more efficient choice.



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