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Automatic reopen ticket


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Hi @m.vandun,

Thank you for your post!

Through the Customer Portal, if you open a request that is resolved, you have the option to select it's still broken, which provides you the opportunity to enter a comment. This will automatically reactivate the request and set the request's status to Open.

I hope this helps?



Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 09.38.40.png

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Hi @m.vandun/@Alex8000,

Great, I understand your requirement here.

Through Auto Responder (i.e. performing an action from an email) or corresponding operations in BPM, we provide the option to update a request however unfortunately, we currently do not facilitate for reactivating a resolved request through the Auto Responder.

That said, Auto Responder is a very powerful tool and we can expose it to such functionality. I will contact Team Hornbill regarding your request and we will be able to inform you if there are any plans to investigate this.



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Hi @m.vandun

We don't currently have any planned requirements that provide the automatic re-opening of a request based on an email.  As suggested by Ehsan, we can investigate to see what options could be provided.  Our experience in the past suggests that automatically opening a request on an email update can be problematic as the email may just be a simple Thank You email, an email sent in error, or even an out of office response from a closure notification email sent to the user.  Each of these could result in the request being reopened when you don't want it re-opened. Providing a key word in the subject could be considered, but then it is about educating the user base to know when to use this keyword.  

For now you should be able to have resolved or closed requests updated by email and then have the owner notified of the update.  The owner can then make that decision if re-opening the request is required or not.  



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Hi @m.vandun,

Thank you for your response.

I have reviewed the option to update a request through AutoResponder and I can confirm that updating a Resolved Incident or Closed Incident (in my example) operates as expected.

I would like to walk-through how I achieved this.

Configuring Update AutoResponder (attached "AutoResponder Config.png" and "enableRoutingRule.png")

In Routing Rules tab:

  • Enabled Routing Rules through the green slider
  • I only have one Routing Rule, relating to Update in my list
  • My Routing Rule is positioned at #1 on the list (This indicates that the AutoResponder engine will consider this rule first)

In my Update Routing Rule:

  • Selected Hornbill Service Manager as Application
  • Selected UpdateRequest as Operation
  • Entered "Deleted Items" as Target Folder Success
  • Entered "Inbox" as Target Folder Failure

Configuring AutoResponder Settings (attached "Settings.png")

  • Enabled app.email.routing.rules.allowClosedCallsUpdates
  • Enabled mail.autoresponder.enable

Updating a request (attached "updatingRequest.png")

I have a request in my environment that I am the Customer of and it is Closed. Please refer to Customer section and Information section on the right hand side. My request is of type Incident.

I sent an email with Subject IN00000423 to the mailbox in my instance.

  • My email is moved into Deleted Items folder, as per Target Folder Success value in my Routing Rule. This indicates that the update is successful. Could you please confirm, is your email moved to Target Folder Success or Target Folder Failure?
  • As you can see, my email is present in my Timeline. If I disable app.email.routing.rules.allowClosedCallsUpdates, my email will not published into the Timeline.

If all your configurations are set up as above, we may need to take a look at your instance, to further investigate this.



AutoResponder Config.png




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Hi @Ehsan

I've checked the settings and these are all the same. I then tried updating a closed ticket and I got an email notifying me that an update was placed. It seems to be working properly for me. I will check if this is working for all our engineers.

Thanks for the help!


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