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Parallel Processing


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Currently the first email option is ticked at the start of the process which is fine.  It then doesnt matter what order you do the next three steps, none of the options get ticked until you have done the category and then all 3 show ticks. 


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Can I ask why have you used parallel processing for automated tasks?

We tend to use parallel processes when we have multiple Human Tasks which are not reliant on each other for completion.

I have uploaded a copy of one of our processes for you to look at. The priority, assignment and categorisation of a call can all be done one after the other and I find that this is the best way to do it. 

Any questions which arise from my bpm feel free to ask.

Basically the bpm I have uploaded assigns the call to the service desk, checks to see if the user is authorised to make the request, checks to see if the request is an emergency request, assigns a priority, starts response and resolve timers, assigns a category and then waits for assignment to an analyst.

The parallel processing only starts on the 'Action' phase when we have 3 human tasks (account creation, hardware prep and security pass creation) which have no impact on each other.

I get the feeling that your not seeing the check points complete as the parallel process is made up of automated tasks only and it is waiting until they are all complete and it can close the parallel process before ticking them off (although I may be wrong so if someone else knows I am happy to be corrected)


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The only automated task is the email confirmation  the rest are performed by the analyst.  Although they have the ability to select either the analyst, priority or category in any odder its not reflected in the heads up display accurately.

You have made me think though, I wonder if the issue is that neither of these actions have activities assigned to them?

Ill take a look at your BPM.

Thanks fro your help.


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Sorry, I meant Automated Task as the node type rather than Human Task node type.

The automated node is basically automatically placing the bpm in a suspend state until the analyst does something. So as you have three 'suspend bpm' tasks it wont continue with the bpm until the last suspend task has completed and the bpm is unsuspended as they are all parallel. You would get the same outcome but less confusion if you placed them one after the other as they would tick off each task as the analyst completed it.

Apologies for not being clearer earlier.

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