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Allow multiple people to manage categories


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Hello all,

We are running into an issue regarding the managing of the Timesheet Categories.
A colleague manager of mine would like to change the assigned teams to a certain category I created. This is currently not possible.

Will it be possible in the future for other people to change the categories and the people assigned to those categories for those they have not created themselves?

Thank you,


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Guest Paul Alexander

Hi...just hijacking this old topic!

Is it possible for more than one person to be able to update the categories/sub-categories in Timesheets please?

We;re in a situation where a team is using the app, but every now and then we need to add a sub-category, but the owner seems to be the only person who can do this?


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Guest Paul Alexander
2 minutes ago, Paul Alexander said:

Hi @AlexTumber

Any news on this please? I need to alter some categories on a timesheet where the owner is on holiday, and I can't do it...




Actually...just realised I can take ownership of the whole category and do it that way.....sorry!!


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