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Email Switch off

Prathmesh Patel

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If it is just couple of customers you are logging calls as you can remove the email addresses in the user admin and replace it with a 00. It wont generate an error on the BPM and it obviously wont deliver an email to the customer.

Or create a few test users and give them mailboxes you can access so you can test the email templates as well.

I have done both for our instance and it works ok.

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Hi @Prathmesh Patel

Possibly a few different approaches, but these may depend on the data you are trying to add and test.

There are a few different automated emails that can be sent to customers.  In your BPM workflow you can add nodes to send a confirmation emails when a request has been raised or resolution emails once a request resolution is available.  You may be able to add some conditions prior to these nodes in your BPM workflow to recognize some text in the summary or for a particular user and bypass the email nodes.

You may want to provide a 'Test Service' that can be used for raising requests.  Having this 'Test Service' as hidden to the customers would prevent the customer/user seeing these test requests on the portals but it would allow you to add the customers/users that you want to test as subscribers so you can test raising requests on their behalf.  The 'Test Service' can then also have its own BPM workflows that don't include the automated emails. You can also set the 'Test Service' to be supported by a test team to help prevent your service desk from accidentally raising requests against your test service.



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